King herbal

What is King herbal?

Rey kings herbal food supplement. King’s Herbal is an all-natural food supplement invented by Ka Rey Herrera who has diagnosed with cancer and diabetes in 1994 but in present; he is enjoying his life because of his cure invention. It is made from choicest and freshest herbs, fruits and vegetables.

How do you use King herbal?

Take 60 ml. to 90 ml. of King’s Herbal, within 20-30 minutes, 3x a day – before breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Dosage may vary from the recommended intake. Shake well before drinking.

What is the taste of kings herbal?

This food supplement has a very bitter taste due to 100% herbal fruits and vegetable extracts with no additives or flavorings. Please expect this natural bitter taste when ordering our products.

What are the ingredients of King herbal?

Main Ingredients: Carrots Eucalyptus Makabuhay Squash Taro Bitter Gourd Malunggay Miracle berry Sugar beet Tomato Amaranth Avocado Black Bean Oregano Pennywort Queens Red Bean Shiny bush Black plum Broccoli Chinese Orange Recommended Age group: A.

Which plant is the king of herbs?

BasilHealing herbs

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